Gustavo Knop, MD, FRCS

Dr. Gustavo Knop has more than 21 years of experience in Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery. He is currently the only Heart Transplant Surgeon in Jamaica and wider Caribbean. Dr. Knop has practiced cardiovascular surgery in the top hospitals in the United Kingdom and Argentina.

Title Director of Cardiovascular Surgery and Consultant Cardiovascular Surgeon
Department and Services Cardiovascular Surgery
Areas of Expertise
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Heart and Lung Transplantation
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support (ECMO, Short-Term Ventricular Assist Device)
Seeing Patients in:
  • Heart Institution of the Caribbean & HIC Heart Hospital, Kingston
  • Andrews Memorial Medical Centre, Kinston
  • HIC Heart Station,Spanish Town
  • Heart Institution of the Caribbean, Mandeville
  • Heart Institution of the Caribbean, Ocho Rios

Published Research

Knop, G. L., Madu, E., Reid, E. T., & Soliman, A. (2020). Off pump surgical epicardial closure of left anterior descending to pulmonary artery fistula. Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery15(1), 1-4.


Knop, G. (2016). Primary Cardiac Lymphoma. Revista Argentina de Cardiología84(3), 250-251.


Knop, G. (2016). Heart transplantation using donors after circulatory death: from research to clinical practice. Revista Argentina de Cardiología84(1), 56-59.


Knop, G. (2015). Severe accidental hypothermia with prolonged circulatory arrest: description of a case with successful treatment. Argentine Journal of Cardiology, 83(1), 60-61.


Knop, G., & Margaria, R. (2006). Cardiac pheochromocytoma: a new case reported. Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery132(5), 1230-1231.


Honors and Awards

University Award, Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires


Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons BMA Member GMC Member, in Specialist Register as Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Member of the Argentinian College of Cardiovascular Surgery