• Heart Hospital firsts

    - 24-Hour Cardiac Emergency Room - Interventional Cardiology - Cardiac and Vascular Surgery
    - Cardiac Intensive Care Unit - Cardiac Telemetry Unit - Cardiac Emergency Ambulance Service
  • HIC Foundation

    Founded in 2008, the Heart Institute of the Caribbean Foundation was established on the principle that quality medical and cardiovascular services should be available to everyone in the Caribbean, regardless of their ability to pay.
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    Montego Bay (Coming Soon)
    Ocho Rios
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Welcome to HIC - Heart Hospital

HIC Heart Hospital holds the privilege of being the first and only premier Cardiovascular Hospital in Jamaica

In keeping with the original spirit of the formation of the The Heart Institute of the Caribbean, the new state of the art Heart Hospital takes cardiac care to the next level of heart health for all patients in the region. Our commitment to residents and international visitors in the Caribbean remains our number one goal.

  • Specialized Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)
  • Specialized Chest Pain/Heart Attack Emergency Room
  • Acute Interventions for Heart Attacks and Stroke

In case of emergency call (876) 906-2105-8OR SEND US A MESSAGE


Best in Class Medical Care

HIC has pioneered advances in cardiovascular care and introduced new diagnostic and treatment options that were previously deemed impossible in the Caribbean. We have changed the approach to the treatment of heart attack and cardiac arrest patients, ensuring that immediate response and intervention are available 24/7.

  • Amputation Prevention Program

    Diabetes is prevalent in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean and often leads to severe peripheral vascular disease with devastating consequences like limb amputations. We have established the first program in the Caribbean focusing on prevention of limb amputation using aggressive early noninvasive and interventional techniques.

  • Best in Class Medical Care

    HIC offers the best in class medical care in the region. We have a team of internationally respected Physicians supported by highly skilled and experienced nurses and technicians. We offer the latest technology for bettER, safER and fastER care delivery and so provide excellent outcomes consistently and reliably.

  • Heart Disease in Women

    HIC recognizes that heart disease risks are prevalent in women and yet only scant attention is paid to women and heart disease. We have established a robust program focusing on women to address issues of heart disease specific to women like pregnancy related heart diseases.

  • Cardiovascular Surgery

    We offer the only dedicated Cardiovascular Surgery Operating Suite in the English Speaking Caribbean. Our special CV surgery operating room comes with anti-microbial panels, laminar airflow hood, waste anesthetic gas disposal system and allows for 25 air exchanges per hour. Audiovisual Telemedicine is available in the OR for international exchanges and opinions.

  • Critical Care and ICU

    We have 6 dedicated ICU rooms and 5 additional ICU enabled beds in the ER allowing for a full capacity of 11 ICU beds. Our ICU is the only dedicated Cardiac ICU in the English speaking Caribbean.

  • Interventional Cardiovascular Services

    Our robust Interventional Cardiology service comprises of 3 Interventional Suites staffed by highly experienced Interventionists with capability for coronary, peripheral and cerebral interventions. A team of highly qualified Cardiac Technicians complement the team. Electrophysiology and Device Implantation is also offered.

  • Virtual Care and Telemedicine

    HIC has been offering virtual care and telemedicine for our patients for more than 10 years (long before it became fashionable). Our telemedicine program allows us to extend care to patients in remote locations without the need for travel.

  • Research and Education

    HIC is heavily invested in research and continuing education. We hold several weekly clinical and imaging conferences, monthly joint conference with University of Pennsylvania and our signature annual International Masters of Medicine conference. We are currently interested in research study of cardiac amyloidosis with the Cardiology Team at Yale University.

  • Mobile Heart Attack and Stroke Units

    We offer a fleet of 4 specialized mobile Heart Attack and Stroke Units designed to respond immediately to members in distress to ensure timely treatment.

We Value Your Family's
Health and Your Time

Welcome to HIC a full-service diagnostic center and medical care clinic. We provide fast, effective and affordable treatment for all cardiac and cardiac related illnesses that need urgent treatment by certified specialist.