Program Description

The Heart Institute of the Caribbean (HIC) is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and experience of cardiologists and other health professions for present and future generations. Our internship program supports this mission by providing an opportunity to complete a project under the guidance of our management team while gaining career experience. By inviting interns currently enrolled in or recently graduated from college, medical school or other graduate school programs, HIC hopes to offer a well rounded and closely guided experience for pursuing a career in Health Care. The various areas of learning will include Health Care Administration, Nuclear medicine, Diagnostic procedures i.e. cardiac catheterization, ECGs, stress tests, and prevention.

The Location

The Heart Institute of the Caribbean is located at 23 Balmoral Ave in Kingston, Jamaica, and is the region’s premier specialty health center. Our branch in Mandeville is situated at Unit 7, 1 Brumalia Road Mandeville.

Duration/Time Commitment

The duration of the internship may last up to six months. HIC will facilitate observation and learning about Health Care professions in the office and at other healthcare centres. Interns will plan a specific schedule with their supervisor, regarding work hours, trips to outside health centres and other events including their final project. Grand rounds, observing procedures, listening to lectures and personal consultations are important components of the interns’ experience. At the end of the assigned period, interns will present a portfolio showing reports of all activities and projects completed for the duration of the internship. The internship experience is to be viewed as any other job where hours of work and office protocols are strictly adhered to. Please view Internship Calendar on the Application form.


Independent projects are developed by the student in conjunction with the HIC management team prior to the start of the internship. Projects are determined by current research, programs that are applicable to the intern’s particular interest or a topic germane to HIC or CVD in the Caribbean. Once the topic of the project is defined, the student will be responsible for appropriate development of the project (including collection of data and data analysis for research projects), writing a project report and a brief oral presentation of the project to the fellow interns and other health professionals at HIC. It is expected that each intern will work on a research project either independently or in collaboration with other interns. There will be many opportunities to interact with the physicians and other staff members.

Application Form

Candidates applying for internship at Heart Institute of the Caribbean (HIC) must complete an application form and submit it with their cover letter and resume. Each internship position requires an essay sample. All application items must be submitted as a complete package. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
How to get more information to apply?
Contact the Heart Institute of the Caribbean on-line at

No effort was spared in ensuring that the Heart Hospital intensive care unit meets and in most cases exceeds current international standards.

— Dr. Madu, 
Founder and CEO