Hisham Ben Lamin, MBBCH, FESC

Board Certified in Cardiovascular Medicine

  • Titles:

    Consultant Clinical Cardiologist

  • Department + Services:

    Cardiovascular Medicine
  • My Expertise:

    • Cardio-Oncology and Cardio-Toxicity Management. • Sudden Cardiac Death, Arrhythmia and Prevention. • Clinical Cardiology General Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging Autonomic Function
  • Seeing Patients in:


Dr. Ben Lamin has trained in many different countries all over the world including Australia and Libyia, and has found his passion in the subspecialty of Cardio-Oncology. He was instrumental in the opening of HIC’s satellite location in Ocho Rios. Dr. Ben Lamin has left Jamaica to practice medicine in his home country, but is still available to give second opinions on demand via our HIC telemedicine platform.

  • Interarm Blood Pressure Difference and Resistant Hypertension.
    • MedCarve Journal March 2015.
  • Stress Exercise Test Inducing Ventricular Arrhythmias in LQT interval Individuals.
    • Emergency-Live Journal March 2015.
  • High Risk Pregnancies and Future Cardiovascular Diseases. 2016
  • Wrote a Chapter in a recent Book (Sudden Cardiac Death, Predictors, Prevalence and Clinical Prospective) Edited by Dr. Ivana Vranic under the head line of Cancer Treatment and the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death 2017. This chapter covers the most important therapies for Cancer that may cause the lethal condition of Sudden Cardiac Death, detection and management.
  • Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC)
  • Member of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).
  • Member of the World Heart Federation (WHF).
  • Member of the European Acute Cardiovascular care association (ACCA) with ESC.
  • Member of the European Association for Cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation (EACPR)