Research & Education

Weekly Clinical Conference
The HIC weekly clinical conference is a series of seminars in which our clinicians will dissect case studies, share journals and conduct research relevant to our practice. This environment facilitates a forum of interaction among our clinicians and encourages our clinical team to stay current on indicators, relevant tests and procedures available locally and abroad.
The conferences take place every Tuesday in three formats:

  • Case Presentations/Cardiac Imaging
    The clinical team discusses the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications (if any) and outcomes of cases.
  • Journal Club
    Current and interesting journal articles relevant to our practice are selected and investigated by the clinical team.
  • Research Club
    Clinicians formulate hypotheses, analyze and present data, discuss research findings with the aim of writing and publishing a research paper based on HIC’s work

HIC routinely sponsors visits of highly respected cardiovascular medicine specialists. Their week-long visit includes public lectures with shared experiences, as well as information on emerging trends in the field with local medical practitioners, medical students and the general public. These visits also facilitate consultations with local physicians on unusual or uncommon cases.
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Our teams are some of the most respected in the world.