HIC Cares Membership

The Membership Programme for even easier access to World Class Cardiovascular Care

Heart Institute of the Caribbean
23 Balmoral Avenue
Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I
Tel: 876 906 2105-8
Fax: 876 906 4413
Website: www.caribbeanheart.com

Who We Are

The Heart Institute of the Caribbean’s (HIC) goal is to make high quality cardiac care accessible and affordable to all patients with reliable high quality cardiovascular diagnostic service and treatment.

Why Join HIC Cares Membership?

What’s better than receiving readily accessible, quality healthcare at an affordable cost and the peace of mind knowing that you can see the best Cardiologists in the Island without extra expense? You will be offered quality healthcare at an affordable cost PLUS getting added value AND access to unlimited services 24/7. HIC Cares Membership offers an annual qualitative healthcare programme from the date you enroll for a FULL 12 months of benefits suited to your healthcare needs.

There are NO exclusions – regardless of medical history. We provide unlimited heart consultations with our doctors, with or without insurance. We have a programme that will meet all your needs and more!

The average cardiac patient is required to consult with their cardiologist every three months and to have an echocardiogram and an ECG at least once a year and in many cases more than once a year. The cost at minimum is $60,000 annually. Our HIC Cares Membership Programme benefit is valued at over $150,000 a year.

HIC Cares Standard Membership – ONLY JMD$42,750

*5% administrative charge and other membership rules apply

Other Key HIC Membership Benefits

  • Readily available state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities centrally located in Kingston.
  • Cardiovascular specialists available 24 HRs/7 days a week.
  • Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours for consultation or diagnostic tests.
  • Services available at all our locations in Kingston, Mandeville, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, our Heart Station in Spanish Town and HIC Practice Partner locations island wide.
  • Free unlimited Cardiology consultations
  • Free unlimited ECGs
  • Free 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Additional discounts on non-invasive procedures
  • Additional discounts on invasive procedures
  • No out of pocket costs for some HIC Hospital services
  • 10% discount on Prescriptions filled at XtraCare Pharmacy
  • Waiver of Emergency Room (ER) Registration and ECG fee (members pay only for ER Doctor’s fee and treatment received in the ER)

    get an additional 50% discount on admissions Fees (applies only to room and board fees for regular admissions. ICU is NOT included). Medications, treatment, meals and doctors’ fees not included. (Limited time offer).

  • Get a Complimentary 2nd Opinion with US experts coordinated by HIC Team
  • Get 1 free Ambulance pick up to come to HIC ER between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday for emergencies. (Public holidays are excluded and if call is determined to be non-emergent, member will be billed regular rate (Limited time offer)

Membership discounts also apply to services offered at HIC locations island-wide inclusive of our HIC satellite offices and at our Practice Partner locations.


Our Offices are locations


23 Balmoral Avenue,
Kingston 10
Phone: (876) 906-2105-8
Fax: (876) 906-4413


Unit 7, Cobblestone Plaza,
1 Brumalia Road,
Phone: (876) 625-7122


Unit C5B, Shoppes at Pineapple,
Main Street,
Ocho Rios
Phone: (876) 947-8314

Please Note

Membership benefits commence after the Membership fee is received by the Heart Institute of the Caribbean (HIC). There is no qualifying period for New/Reinstated Members and there is no exclusion for prior pre-existing medical conditions.

In applying for or renewing membership, the Applicant/Member agrees with effect from the date of membership or renewal of membership and f o r the duration of the membership:

  • to be bound by the current HIC Cares Membership Programme Rules; and
  • that HIC Cares may at any time, vary or replace the Programme Rules which will bind the Member with effect from the date on which the change is made.
  • Programme Rules vary and are subject to change. For further details, visit the www.caribbeanheart.com

Activate your membership today by returning completed application form with your payment to any HIC location or to your Sales Agent

What’s better than receiving readily accessible, quality healthcare at an affordable cost and the peace of mind knowing that you can see the best Cardiologists in the Island without extra expense?