Founded in 2008, the Heart Institute of the Caribbean Foundation ( HICF) was established on the principle that quality medical and cardiovascular services should be available to everyone in the Caribbean, regardless of their ability to pay. Recognizing information asymmetry and financial constraints as two of the main barriers to accessing quality medical and cardiovascular care in the Jamaican landscape, the Foundation has sponsored a number of landmark initiatives focused on health promotion, and on making the services of the Heart Institute of the Caribbean financially accessible to all Jamaicans.



  • Support Infrastructural and program development at the Heart Institute of the Caribbean
  • Facilitate open access to cardiovascular care for patients in the Caribbean
  • Subsidize or fund indigent patients who are in need of cardiovascular care
  • Promote wellness and cardiovascular health in the region

    The HIC Foundation also funds care for patients who are incapable of paying for the services they require. Through the work of the HIC Foundation, HIC has been recognized for outstanding corporate social responsibility 2 years in a row by the American Chamber of Commerce in Jamaica at their annual AMCHAM Business and Civic Leadership Awards for Excellence.

    The mission of the Heart Institute of the Caribbean Foundation is to increase and ensure accessibility and affordability to high quality cardiovascular care offered at the Heart Institute of the Caribbean regardless of patient’s ability to pay. The HICF is also committed to promoting public health education and awareness around heart health.

    The four pillars that encompass the HIC Foundation are education, access, equity and funding. These are the four principles that govern the HICF and to which every initiative, program and sponsorship will be measured against. Many of our initiatives cover 2 or more of these pillars.

    The HIC Foundation is funded by a cross subsidy model which allows those with limited income to pay less because those who can afford to pay, pay. This model is partially executed through a differential pricing scheme where a standard rate is offered to patients who have health insurance or a third party guarantor, and a reduced rate is offered to patients who are paying solely out of pocket. Furthermore, through the HIC Foundation, community clinic days are set where further reduced pricing is offered to patients who need further assistance.

    The HIC Foundation has also assisted HIC in expanding its reach across the island through the Heart Station/ECG Shop model, thereby making care easily accessible to indigent patients in lower income and rural communities. Through this model, patients are offered basic heart tests at heavily subsidized rates, with quick turnaround times, while still maintaining a high quality of service.

    Another initiative driven by the HIC Foundation that is key to sustainable development is the hosting of public health forums, where patients can gain information that will encourage them to take the necessary steps to achieve a heart healthy lifestyle. Additionally, through the HIC Foundation, HIC has also supported many programmes aimed at nation building including providing free cardiac screening for young Jamaican athletes and their coaches, funding youth development programmes and sporting activities, and providing free cardiovascular care to Jamaican icons in their golden years.